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School Information and Forms:

Enrollment Procedures:

All new families or new students enrolling in Lawrence Public Schools will need to begin the enrollment process at the Welcome and Enrollment Center.
**Click for the Welcome/Enrollment Center Page**.
If your child is already enrolled in Lawrence Public Schools, enrollment is not required through the Welcome and Enrollment Center. (785) 832-5000

The Mission of Langston Hughes School is to develop a learning environment that values respect, responsibility, teamwork and perseverance to succeed in our changing world. Langston Hughes Elementary School first opened its doors at the beginning of the 2000 - 2001 school year, as the 19th elementary school in the Lawrence Public School District. Our school is located on the far-west side of Lawrence, KS, which is currently a high growth area for our community. Langston Hughes was built to accommodate three sections of each grade level and a maximum of 500 students.

Langston Hughes offers a wide-range of services for our students. Art, music and physical education teachers are on staff to instruct students in each of these areas. We have a full-time library-media specialist on staff who provides both library and technology instruction and support. We also offer services from counselor, resource teachers, social worker, school psychologist, speech pathologist, nurse, and gifted consultant. Langston Hughes is an inclusive school that serves students with a variety of identified special needs. Students with special needs do receive most of their support within the regular classroom setting.

At Langston Hughes we have maintained high academic standards and expectations for our students, staff and families. We believe that all students can learn when surrounded by a supportive and caring educational community. Our students have consistently performed very well on local, state, and national assessments.

We are very proud of our Langston Hughes community. The support of our families and the professionalism of our staff make this a great place for kids to go to school.

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On January 2, 1987, the Lawrence Public School's Board of Education purchased 50.6 acres of land from Alvamar Reality. At the time of purchase, the land was west of Lawrence and had yet to be developed. Mr. Bob Billings (Alvamar Reality) contacted Mr. Ken Fisher, the Director of Business for the Lawrence Public Schools, regarding the land purchase. Mr. Billings agreed to sell the land to the school district at his cost, which was $136,916.50 ($2,705.85/acre). The land is currently valued at $40,000 - $50,000 per acre, which places the total value of the property at over $2 million. Originally, the school district had plans to build a second high school on this 50 acres. The board, however, decided to build our second high school in a different location, and this land was used for the district's newest elementary school. Shortly after passage of a school bond issue, Myron Melton was hired as the school's first principal and the planning began. After much public input and discussion, the board of education voted to name the new school "Langston Hughes Elementary". Author and poet, Langston Hughes, spent much of his early childhood growing up in Lawrence, Kansas. As a child he attended Pinckney Elementary school and Central School. As an adult living in
Harlem, New York, Langston Hughes became nationally recognized for his writings, which were rooted in his African American experience. On August 18, 2000, Langston Hughes Elementary School opened its doors for the first time. The school, which is built to accommodate 500 students, opened with 178 students. It is anticipated that the school will be at capacity in 3 - 5 years.

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Special Programs

In order for a school to be truly successful, it must be well rounded. At Langston Hughes we try to offer a variety of opportunities for student involvement in addition to their academic pursuits. The following is a list of programs/services that are available to our students:

Student of the Day: This is one of our student recognition programs. Each student in the building is recognized once each year. On their special day they get to assist with morning announcements, have a brief bio read about them, present their display case to the rest of their class, and have their parents for lunch.

Student Council: We have a student council that is made up of representatives in grades 4 - 5. This council helps to plan building activities, manages our recycling program, organizes community activities, etc.

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Leadership Teams

At Langston Hughes we believe it is essential that all staff take an active role in the day-to-day functioning of the building, as well as in areas of leadership and decision making. In order to facilitate this, we have established the following standing committees:

Leadership Team: This committee works in cooperation with our site council to be a guiding force in our building improvement process. They perform the initial data analysis on assessment results, provide direction for our QPA sub-committees, and help ensure that the plan we put in place is fully implemented.

ADQ: This committee is established to address specific academic, social or behavioral concerns of students. Each student referred to this committee receives some form of individual plan to address their needs, either a student intervention plan, a 504 plan, or a referral to special services and possible IEP.

Site Council: This organization oversees and guides our continuous improvement process in coordination with the building QPA team. They also provide feedback to administration with regards to many school related issues.

Achievement Partners: This committee works with our business partners, University National Bank and Dillons Market, to help support our curriculum. Our business partners provide real world applications for learning and are always willing to volunteer their assistance.

Achievement Committee: This committee helps to maintain a positive climate within our school building. They help in planning social events, recognizing birthdays, as well as assisting staff in times of need.

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Notice of Accessibility

Lawrence Public Schools provide services and programs to people with disabilities in the most integrated setting possible. Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, Title II, the Director of Special Operations, Safety and Transportation has been appointed as the ADA Coordinator. Please call for information on accessibility, ADA compliance procedures or accommodation requests.

In order to facilitate participation, accommodations will be made on an individual basis. If you would like to attend a Board of Education meeting or other public event of the District and require an accommodation for people with disabilities, please contact the ADA Coordinator at the Lawrence Public Schools, 110 McDonald Drive, Lawrence, KS 66044, (785) 832-5000 or through the Kansas Relay Center, 1-800-766-3777, at least 48 hours in advance. The ADA Coordinator may refer issues regarding accessibility and accommodations for students to the student services department. ADA issues regarding employment may be referred to the human resources department by the ADA Coordinator.

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Arrival and Dismissal Policy

For the safety of all of our children, the following procedures are to be followed when dropping your child off or picking your child up at the end of the day. Problems that have occurred in the past include cars parked in the circle drive, parents and children walking between parked cars and cars blocking the handicapped parking spaces or aisles of the parking lot. To ensure the safest conditions when students arrive and depart from Langston Hughes, we ask that you adhere to the procedures listed below.

  1. Do not leave your car unattended in the circle drive, even if you think you will be “right out.”

  2. Always cross at the crosswalks. When driving, please stop when our staff is in the crosswalk to allow students to cross. Please wait until the crosswalk staff says it is clear and they themselves are safely back on the sidewalk.

  3. Students riding the bus will continue to board from the back of the school. This includes daycare buses/vans.

  4. Parents choosing to drop off or pick up their children should wait in their cars if they are in the circle drive. Children should be seated on the right side to exit safely. Staff will motion the car line to move in groups so that students can exit more quickly. Please stay in this drop off / pick up line and do not try to go around the line.
  5. If you plan to leave your car, park in a designated parking spot. (We are working on a new parking lot!) Do not leave your car parked in a place that will block the circle drive or others driving through the parking lot.

  1. As you enter the curved driveway north of the parking lot, maintain one line of cars in the right lane as you wait for your child.

  2. Respect the handicapped parking spots by not parking in them or blocking them while you wait for your child.

  3. Walkers will walk to the crosswalk at the end of the sidewalk by the gym. They will cross to the other sidewalk, adjacent to the south end of the parking lot. Walkers will stay on this sidewalk until they reach George Williams Way. Walkers going toward the roundabout will use the sidewalk to get to George Williams Way. (We are working on more sidewalks!)

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the office. We thank you in advance for supporting these procedures and helping us ensure a safe environment for our children.


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